StoneWorld, Droutsoula
StoneWorld, Droutsoula

StoneWorld, Droutsoula

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The house is adjacent to a carriage road on one side while the other sides are enclosed by the property that surrounds it. There are no significant changes both in the house and in the estate in the last decades and any interventions have been made with the aim of maintaining their traditional character by using traditional building materials: stone, wood, lime, reeds, clay, copper.

The space

Traditionally built farm house on an estate of 2 sq.m. The house consists of 4 rooms, 2 of which (Pyrgos and Katoi) have their own entrance. All rooms serve the same, external, bathroom located 1-2 meters from their entrances. Details for the rooms:

Room 1: It serves as a kitchen, dining room and living room, while it also has 1 single bed (in exceptional cases there is space to add a second single bed).

Room 2: Bedroom with 2 beds, one of which is semi-double and the other single.

Basement: Its floor is about 50 points below the ground, while the height from floor to ceiling is 1.96. The entrance is from the yard of the house, while it has a small window with a screen to the street. It has 2 single beds.

Tower: Located on the same level as the semicircular outdoor seating area. An external staircase of 6 steps connects it with the courtyard and the bathroom. It has a double bed and a sofa that can be used as a single bed.

As for the outdoor areas, there are courtyards and living rooms around the house, as the relevant photos show, as well as flower beds. The house and the property are located right next to the village carriage road and at a distance of 20 meters from the village square. The house does not have a private parking space. The village is permanently inhabited by about 15 people and there is no shop, restaurant or cafe. The village and the house are located at a distance of 5 km from the sea and the main road of the island.

Guest access

Free access to all areas of the house and the estate.